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ID for this 'twig' found growing in the back garden.

I found this orange barked 'twig' growing but it isnot something I planted. At the moment it is about 6" tall.So any ideas?

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Could it be a dogwood? it looks like the plant that grows behind my shed which a friend said was dogwood.

18 Apr, 2020


It would be nice if it was Pennyfarthing. I like the orange colour of the stem. I have a good red variegated form in the front garden.

18 Apr, 2020


One of the cotoneasters, a tree form?

19 Apr, 2020


The colour of the stem would suggest dogwood but I'm not so sure about the leaves. My dogwood leaves look a bit different.

19 Apr, 2020


Dogwoods have leaves in pairs, so probably not that. It looks to me like a willow of some kind.

19 Apr, 2020


I was hoping not a willow but the dogwood leaf on my mid winter-fire doesn't look like this. again the leaf doesn't look quite right for any of the cotoneasters that I have.

time will tell. I wont plant it in the garden just in case it is willow.

19 Apr, 2020

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