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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I hope I haven’t asked this before, I’m really forgetfull
10 years ago when the back garden was full of flowers and veg we were inundated with slugs and snails.
Now there are no flowers and some veg ther’e’s not a slug in sight. How on earth ?



Could be too early in the season to see them. They are there. They could only be eggs at this point.

20 Apr, 2020


if they are the small keeled slugs they live in the soil and under pots. they emerge in the dark feed and go back into the soil before sun up. But if there is little for them to eat then they wont hand around waiting for food.

They are active here in the UK, sadly it hasn't been cold enough to see off any pests. the lily beetle are also active.

20 Apr, 2020


Thanks B, but there was only the odd one or two for the past 2 years. I’m delighted of course but wondered why, after the huge numbers we used to have.

20 Apr, 2020


Perhaps your veg leaves are tougher than the delicate flower ones were! I don't suppose slugs will care much for onions. Come to think of it I haven't seen any either - except for two tiny baby ones hidden in a leek.
Also it has been very dry this Spring. When it starts to rain again I bet they'll be out in force...

20 Apr, 2020


Weird innit ? I had no more than a handful all last year.

20 Apr, 2020


They were here with me Hank!

20 Apr, 2020


You’re welcome to them S, even those few.

20 Apr, 2020

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