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I have a couple of blue flowered bulbs on the balcony but I don't know what they are called, can anyone suggest a name for them? They are two different bulbs.

Unknown_bulb_blue_flowering_on_balcony_from_inside_20th_april_2020_002_cropped_ Unknown_bulb_blue_flowering_on_balcony_from_inside_20th_april_2020_003_cropped_ Unknown_bulb_blue_flowering_on_balcony_from_outside_20th_april_2020_cropped_



The first one is too small for a Bluebell, I have one growing in another tub on the balcony & they don't look at all alike.
could it be a Scilla?

The 2 other photos are of the same bulb that I think may begin with a "B". I think I planted them some years ago but I can't find a photo with their name. :(

20 Apr, 2020


Try Brodiaea laxa.
And there a a lot of Scilla (Bluebells) ranging in size from tiny (like 1/4 inch across flowers) to large ones (Scilla peruviana). Need a closer look at the flowers to make a guess.

20 Apr, 2020


I have an app on my phone called picture this which helps me find out what plants are called it’s been really helpful so far 7 day free trail then £20 for a year .

20 Apr, 2020


Doesn't Brodiae flower after the leaves have finished? I'm amazed if the first one isn't an English bluebell. Is it scented?

20 Apr, 2020


Brodiaeas all flower in round heads called umbels, not in spikes. From what I've seen, Stera's correct. The first photo is an English bluebell, and the next two are of a Spanish bluebell.

21 Apr, 2020


Thank you all for your replies.

Stera, I've no idea if it is scented or not I've not been able to get close enough. It was very difficult to get a photo even. I have had to delete several till I got this one.

I, too, thought of a Bluebell but it's far darker & smaller than any Bluebell I've ever seen. It's growing in a square tub with other bulbs, (none of which have flowered this year).

This flower is only about 6" high at most. My Bluebell is 2x that!

Owdboggy, I looked up your suggestion but as Tugbrethil says "Brodiaeas all flower in round heads called umbels, not in spikes." Nevertheless thank you for your help.

Tugbrethil, I don't see how it can be a Bluebell, English or Spanish, as I've never bought any Bluebells. The one I have came from some I was given to plant in the church gardens well over 5 years ago. Unless this "Bluebell" was in amongst the bulbs I bought from the old 99p shop in town some years ago. I bought a packet of blue bulbs there & I think I probably planted them where this one is growing. Even though I think the name of the bulbs began with a "B" I'm positive they weren't Bluebells. Thank you for trying to id it for me!

Kay_knavegob, I tried out 2 apps last year on my phone but neither impressed me at all! To test it I started out taking photos of plants I'm growing & that I know well, but unless I entered the name they got nowhere close! So I uninstalled them! Thanks for your interest in trying to help.

21 Apr, 2020


Its exactly like some of mine - I noticed one today that is just about 6"tall and growing among some taller ones.. I don't know any similar flowers with that graceful curve of the flower stem either. The other two you showed don't have that curve in the stem and look more like a hybrid with the Spanish ones - they hybridise distressingly easily.
But they are all gorgeous are 't they?

23 Apr, 2020


"But they are all gorgeous are 't they?"

yes, they are! :)

24 Apr, 2020


Re never having bought any - they do self seed so there my be a few in your neighbourhood out of sight somewhere.

27 Apr, 2020


Thanks again, Stera. :)

27 Apr, 2020

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