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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

I have an ugly breeze block wall between my garden and next door. About 50 ft long and 5 ft high. Can you suggest a render to make it more attractive?



You could render it the usual way, make sure it’s prepared properly, then you could paint with exterior paint and then using roofing lats painted Tudor black you could make some chunky square trellis, to fix onto the wall, a better way would be to place vertically in a section of five with a gap of say an inch and half between each one, position these in let’s say four sets equidistant apart, then plant some climbers or other shrubs depending on the situation, the effect is fantastic, this is a really good way to hide the blandness of a breeze block wall.

20 Apr, 2020


Forgot to mention, the wall could be painted a shade of magnolia, and with the Tudor black upright sections this would really stand out, b+q sell all these items.

20 Apr, 2020


Thanks for that. The problem is the border in front is not deep - only about 3 ft so any shrubs I plant which have any hight tend to be too deep for the border. But I’ll probably find some sort of render for it and paint it a nice colour.

20 Apr, 2020

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