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I am having difficulty in loading my blogs or photos, My photos are jpeg they say they are too big can you please tell me what size they have to be. I have left this job too long. What am i doing wrong




Are you dong this from your phone? A laptnp or desktop would be much easier. This site is slightly outdated technologically speaking so you'll have to wing it now and then. It helps if you have some kind of photo editing software - some cameras have it built in. Try to adjust the settings on your camera for small or low res or import photo into a program like PhotoShop (that's what I use). I believe there is free photo editing software available.

21 Apr, 2020


Thanks, I'll try some more. I think also I expect them to come up straight away perhaps they take till the next day?

21 Apr, 2020


They need to be 3Mb or less for a blog Thelma. You may find photos will load on the photo pages as those photos can be 5Mb.
If you have a different camera to what you had before check the settings. if you have an editing programme like photo shop you can either resize the pictures or crop them. both will reduce the size of your jpeg file.

If you get the message that photos are too large then you will have to resize them. They usually load within a few minutes.

21 Apr, 2020


I am a bit slow when it comes to learning new computer tricks (or camera tricks for that matter) so I right click my photo, then open it with 'Paint' from where it is simple enough to resize it. There are probably much easier ways, but it works for me. The photos will come up instantly, you don't have to wait until the next day or anything. Up to 5mb for adding to your photos and up to 3mb for adding to a blog. :)

22 Apr, 2020


Sometimes I use Paint. It does the job.

22 Apr, 2020

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