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Hello I have just had a delivery of 40 plug plants looking good but I have just discovered I have no trays or small pots to pot them on

Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I have just had a delivery of 40 plug plants looking good but I have just discovered I have no trays or small pots to pot them on , could I put them into two large containers they are begonias devils delight cell plug plants
Thank you photo of pot I could use I have 3 of those pots ? due to the virus crisis can’t buy trays




yes pot them up but give then night protection to harden them off. either in a shed/greenhouse or failing that fleece or an old sheet if you don't have any.

they look good and strong.

22 Apr, 2020


That could work, though the roots will tear more when it is time to move on. I would get a bag or two of the cheap 8 ounce plastic cups from the grocery store, and punch holes in the bottoms with a hot nail. Remember to plant them no deeper than they are in the plugs.

22 Apr, 2020


Oops, Sbg! A little late with my answer, and I forgot the hardening off step. Fooled by the plant's obvious vigor, and my own climate--at least, that's my story. ;)

22 Apr, 2020


Thank you all will use the pots I grow the every year in container after potting on and last year got rid of trays with the intention of replacing them !! Then the world changed hope your all staying in and safe in your gardens 🙂

22 Apr, 2020


Go to the supermarket and get a pack of solo cups. You know those disposable paper cups used for picnics and birthday parties. They usually come in packs of 50 and are cheap. Poke a hole in the bottom with a hot nail. These are the pots for your plug plants until you can plant them properly. Don't forget a bag of potting soil. Begonias like a rich dark loamy medium - no fertilizer. They are gorgeous plants and bloom nonstop from spring to frost. Have you seen the Rex Begonia? Just leaves, but very striking leaves. Begonias give you a lot of 'bang' for your efforts.

22 Apr, 2020


we are still in lockdown here and they may not count as essential. some supermarkets have sectioned off aisles of non essential products. My local one always sells gardening things but not at the moment and I am getting short of compost.

23 Apr, 2020


Well I have to stand in line outside just to get in. Only 10 are allowed in the supermarket at any one time and you must be wearing a face mask and maintain a 6 foot distance from anyone else. I get up at 4 am just to get groceries. I also grabbed the very last bottle of my favorite hot sauce so it's Hot 'n Spicy Buffalo Wings tonight! Yahhoo!! Good Times!

25 Apr, 2020

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