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I’m looking for a white clematis Montana with a heavy perfumed scent. I know there are a few but the one I thought I wanted is described as smelling like chocolate and much as I like chocolate I don’t want my garden scented with it. The other choices are cl. Christine or Grandiflora. Is there one that smells like vanilla or almond?
Can anyone help with my decision please? It will grow in semi shade over the shed. I’ve added a photo of the one I’d like.


Have Clematis Flammula which flowers July to September and is described as heavily almond scented.
Use the link above and look at scented clematis available. I have not looked at all of their scented choices.

24 Apr, 2020


I like grandiflora and the photo looks very much like it.

24 Apr, 2020


Thorneyside I too thought it looked like grandiflora. That is quite spectacular in my garden but it does not have a scent unless in full sun and then it is very delicate so maybe why Arbuthnot is looking for other suggestions.

24 Apr, 2020


This one is in someone’s garden, flowering now and gives off a very strong perfume. I wondered if it was cl. Christine but there’s no pink on it at all whereas everywhere I’ve searched it’s said Christine has pink edges of back of petals. I also wondered if it could be Wilsonii.

24 Apr, 2020

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