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Another ID please! This was planted last summer and not sure if it flowers. Any ideas based on leaf? Many thanks. Seems to be growing pretty fast already

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I think it is Fallopia baldschuanica common names are russian vine and 'a mile a minute'. it produces creamy white flowers. But it can get out of hand.

23 Apr, 2020


If it is Russian Vine it will take over before you can blink. I had one when I first came here in 1993 but soon realised it wasn't for me and it tooks years to get rid of it entirely. For me, it's like another bindweed.

24 Apr, 2020


I hope it isn't for your sake. It will push its way up through concrete & up through the cracks of those paving stones. It also makes a terrible mess when it flowers. Hopefully it is something else. If it is Russian bind weed get rid of it quick.

25 Apr, 2020

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