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I have 4 or 5 Skimmias around my garden. Some have white flowers and no red berries, some have pink flowers. 2 of them have smaller bunches of white flowers just gone over and you can see the little green, the new crop of berries in the young stage but they still have all last seasons red berries on as well. are they different types or some male and some female and if so do you have to have the M & F to get the berries. Some one has seen mine and want to buy one but I am not sure if one will give the same results or do they have to have the two types to get the red berries.

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There are male and female Skimmias, yes and you do need both to get berries - the only exception is Skimmia reevesiana, which does produce berries without another Skimmia in the area. That means it is important to ensure you get both male and female varieties if berries are required. S. reevesiana is a slightly larger Skimmia than most, with loose, fairly open growth.

24 Apr, 2020


I thoughts so, thank you Bamboo, only as I get older I doubt my knowledge sometimes!! although I don't seem to suffer that but if folk ask your advice I do become a bit cautious!.

24 Apr, 2020

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