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Brown spot on succulent leaves.

The brown spots are only on the top leaves of the succulent.

Img_20200424_201903 Img_20200424_201920



What kind of succulents are these? Can you show me the whole plant? 2 main reasons for brown tips are; lack of humidity and too much water and/or poor drainage.

25 Apr, 2020


i think its are some kind of Echeveria. I also cut off the brown parts so some healthy growth can appear.

25 Apr, 2020


I can't tell, is it the tip of the leaf turning brown, or the base, where it joins the stem? If the former, it may be from being allowed to dry out too long, or a sudden change from too little light to direct sun. If the latter, it is probably a rot brought on by too much humidity and or poor drainage.

25 Apr, 2020


The base of the leaf is turning brown. It gets water once a week.

25 Apr, 2020


Indoors, I would water them once a month. Direct sun is good, too, but I would allow it to get that gradually, if it has been without for a while.

25 Apr, 2020

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