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How to care for Lavandula ‘Stoechas Anouk’? For Kate

New York, United States Us

Bought these from Lidl yesterday evening, while I was doing a little shopping. Can anyone advise on the ongoing care please? I have purchased these French lavender plants in the past - however, I seem to fail with them. Also, they don’t seem to continue flowering for me.
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That species rarely repeat blooms, Bathgate. For care, it likes faster drainage than English Lavender, plus more sun and warmth. It almost certainly wouldn't survive a New York winter outside, and would need dry (low humidity) warm greenhouse conditions through the winter. Here in the low desert, we call it Spanish Lavender--French Lavender means L. dentata to us.

25 Apr, 2020


Thanks Tug, Paul kindly put this on for me as I’ve been unable to post questions currently. I live in East Yorkshire, England. However, I will take your advice and plant it as you say. Many thanks.

25 Apr, 2020


sadly they don't do that well in E Yorks Kate at least not for me. Sheltered spots away from drying wind and frosts seem to work for friends who grow them in pots in there big garden out towards Pocklington. They then go into an unheated poly tunnel over winter. Given a light trim and a good re potting and they are off again.

25 Apr, 2020


Thanks for the helpful info, Eileen. Maybe it’s why I’ve never been very successful with them? The area we live in.
I’ve planted them on the sloped rockery in the garden, it’s actually quite sheltered by the bund hill. Fingers crossed.

25 Apr, 2020

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