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small red beetles on snakes head profilitaires



Probably lily beetle - you'll need to sneak up quietly periodically (at least twice a day) and crush/squash them. Information in the link below

25 Apr, 2020


Yes I have found a few. they have the habit of dropping off onto their backs so you cant spot them. I use a kitchen funnel into a jam jar so if they do drop they usually get caught by the funnel. I also pay my daughter £1.00 for every 10 she gets. I then squish them and send her off again. she has been doing this for about 10 yrs now but to me it is money well spent.

25 Apr, 2020


What a good idea Sbg. I have been picking them off some lilies but one will drop & then I have to go back again to look for it. Funnel & jam jar in future. Thanks.

25 Apr, 2020

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