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Help – Mexican Orange blossom dying plant by plantStarting with one plant and spreading along

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Help – Mexican Orange blossom dying plant by plant

Starting with one plant and spreading along, our Choiya have been dying over last 18 month. Close up pics are from last year, the pic of the row is this week. I can’t find reference to any common ailments at all. Fungus being a vague possibility. All Choisya in our street & area our very healthy. Has taken a few years to get to this beautiful flowering profusion :(

Mob_row_comp Mob_close_comp Mob_comp



Welcome to GoY
There hasn't been any toadstools at the base in the autumn? This death is typical of honey fungus but you usually have toadstools in august-October.
See what others on the site suggest.

26 Apr, 2020


Thank you very much for the reply - There has been no fungus I have seen I'm afraid

26 Apr, 2020


The blackening of the leaves and their stems reminds me of phytophthora. This is another form of potato blight. Look it up by all means but I don't think there isn't any remedy for this disease. Perhaps cut out any affected parts and give it a good feed and see what happens. Aucuba is another shrub which can suffer from this problem.

26 Apr, 2020


Thank you Jimmy - I will do some research. What surprises me is that ours is the only one in the neighbourhood affected. I also note that the immediate neighbour has a row of hydrangas and the one adjacent to the 'dead' end of our choisya died. I need to ask him more. Soil issue? Contamination? So sad - grew them from wee little things.

26 Apr, 2020


Yes jimmy may be right, to be honest I have never known Choysia be affected by anything, all the gardens I look after , have Choysia and all seem in good health, there seem to be so many shrubs these days that are getting viruses etc, and some plants like laurel, holly even ivy which are so tough are being threatened, I noted last week a lovely holly tree with its leaves riddled with what looks like a type of leaf miner, I planted a new Choysia sundance for a client in early March, it’s doing well but last week I noted it had thousands of very small knat like flys flying all round it, never seen this before, so as a precaution I have sprayed the shrub with bugclear, other shrubs that I note are more affected these days are sambucus black lace and physocarpus with types of black fly.

26 Apr, 2020


Thank you Julien (and Jimmy) - RHS site describes the symptoms as very similar.

My neighbours say fuchsia's have a recent enemy spoiling them at the moment in their front borders :(

27 Apr, 2020


If al the dying plants are in a more or less straight line I'm wondering if there could possibly be something underground that's been leaking something poisonous to them. A very long shot and perhaps a silly suggestion but who knows...

27 Apr, 2020


Thx Steragram. Apparently the neighbours Hydrangea was unconnected - he moved the end one twice, it died back but is starting to recover - I'm going to look at the roots of the latest dying one. I found a picture of what phytophthora can look like just below the surface

27 Apr, 2020

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