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I need advice on caring for this Campanula plant. I got this from the supermarket, but it has not tag. Thanks.

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It looks like a Canterbury bell Campanula media. They are biennials so they will set seed and die. They like moderate sun and I don't find them fussy regards soil type. They will produce lots of seeds that you can sow in August and they will put on quite a bit of growth before autumn, then they over winter and flower the following year.
This is the RHS advice.

30 Apr, 2020


Thanks Eileen

30 Apr, 2020


Will the seeds germinate on their own if I just leave them where they fall? The seeds, I understand, are like a fine dust - not something I want to handle, but would love to see this plant again next year.

1 May, 2020


they did in my garden Paul so yes just let them germinate where they fall. I don't remember the seed being really tiny though.

1 May, 2020

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