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I have many geraniums and wish them to survive a Scottish winter. I have a cold frame in the garden. What do I have to do?
Thank you. Douglas Mackay, Largs, Scotland.



Have you got a frost-free place to keep them, Douglas? I don't think a coldframe on its own would be enough protection. If you could insulate it it might keep some of them alive, cut back and kept on the dryish side. You need to give them some air too, when possible, as the dreaded grey mould kills them very quickly, and sprads, too. Pick off any leaves that look ar all suspicious. Otherwise, why not keep a few on the kitchen windowsill? They'd keep going if you fed them occasionally, like houseplants.

9 Sep, 2010


Yes, ideally bring them indoors. If you haven't enough room, you can take cuttings. Put the cuttings straight into compost (no rooting hormone), dampen them and keep the pots in a white plastic bag tied at the top in a frost-free place. Most should survive: good luck!

9 Sep, 2010


Thank you both very much for taking the trouble to guide me regarding the geraniums. I am a complete novice to gardening, but am now becoming interested.

Sheila, I will take your advice, as I feel a Scottish winter will be too much for them and my kitchen ledge space is limited. Your garden looks beautiful.

Thank you both once again.

Douglas Mackay

14 Sep, 2010

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