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Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Hybrid Musk Roses.
As you can see, my seven years neglect has paid its price
and Now that I am back with undivided time
trying to rejuvenate my garden. I am finding Brambles in abundance growing through my Hybrid Musk roses which I have all along my front fence. I have just quickly been cutting them off but I now need to get at the roots.
In the Autumn when the roses have finished flowering can I cut these right back to about a foot above the ground to get at these bramble roots. as I don't want to lose the roses. It is impossible to get at them any other way. The Roses are Wilhelm, Moonlight, Vanity and Buff beauty. Also Rosa Regosa They are such a sight all the summer. As you realise at 84 and no help I do not want to
Dig up and start this bed all over again. You can also see that when I have my rest breaks from gardening I come in fresh in mind of what I have to do in the Autumn!!



why not paint the leaves of the brambles with weedkiller every week that way the roses wont be harmed then come the autumn prune your roses and dig out any remaining brambles.

1 May, 2020


That's a start Eileen any way, I was just wondering about the Hybrid Musk. I know a lot of roses will take to pruning right back but not sure about these.

1 May, 2020


Rosa rugosa will take a really hard prune but I don't know about the others. I do sympathise with you over the brambles. I have some in my front hedge and keep cutting them off at the base. I think the idea of painting the leaves is a good one, soon after they start to grow again. Not sure about digging them out though!

1 May, 2020


I have yesterday cut most of the top growth of bramble and drawn them out nearly loosing the coat off my back from the roses!! but manged to find a fairly main stem somewhere down the line but as we all know cannot be left like that as so many extra shoots grow from where I have cut them. Never mind I'll keep battling on. I have found so much Ivy and sticky weed growing up through my shrubs, but I am working slowly around the garden piece at a time. I'll keep up that British fighting spirit, When Things get tough, "Don't Quit" as we hear that wonderful poem read each day these days.

2 May, 2020

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