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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

I love my nerines which have multiplied quite a lot over the last few years. However I’d like to divide them and put some in another part of the garden. I know this should be done in Spring, but have I left it too late for this year? Also, what’s the best way to do it? Thanks.




Use a fork and put the fork in to the ground a few inches away from the leaves. when you lift them separate the bulbs carefully and replant them where you want them.
The RHS suggest splitting clumps in early summer. I suspect that is when the spring foliage has died down.
personally I'd wait for a month or so as the bulbs will be forming their flowers now. if you do it now the roots that collect nutrients will be damaged and compromise flower formation.

3 May, 2020


Strange you should ask this question. I have Nerines and have always planted them (as told) with the necks out of the ground, but watching Gardeners World Monty said to plant them deep, so confusing. According to the RHS website you plant them with the neck out unless it's a cold area when you bury them! So that's cleared that up! Now what's a cold area and would you really expect to dig them up and store them?

3 May, 2020


Thanks for the advice. Think I’ll leave them till the leaves start to go over then divide them.

3 May, 2020

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