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Seen on a walk yesterday , please identify and settle a family feud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ivy seeds. Birds adore them.

3 May, 2020


yep it is mature native ivy. the adult leaves are not 'ivy leaf' shaped. the ivy flowers Nov onwards and are green and these are the black berries. As OWD says the birds love them.

3 May, 2020


Ivy is an ideal plant for loads of birds and insects. Like the Holly Blue butterfly, the caterpillar of which feeds on the buds of Holly (surprise!) and Ivy. Bees, hoverflies and wasps love the nectar from the flowers and as said the berries are a great attraction. All we need to know now is - what was the family feud and who won?

3 May, 2020


Yeah..its fascinating the way Ivy grows. Above a certain height it loses its familiar foliage shape and develops these mature leaves. And at this height it flowers, in winter. Essential food for winter insects.

3 May, 2020

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