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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone please tell me what these 2 rows of plants are, I forgot to label them but I think they’re either spinach or basil.




Easy way to tell if they are Basil would be to eat a leaf!
The leaves are maybe a little too small perhaps for Spinach.

4 May, 2020


I'm thinking probably spinach, since basil doesn't have long leaf stems. Young spinach doesn't have big leaves, especially the "salad bar" varieties, like 'Matador'. Of course, Feverfew is right: basil tastes like basil even as a seedling.

4 May, 2020


Our spinach seedlings have very long seed leaves and they seem to have them too so they look like spinach to me. Also I' ve never got basil to germinate outside. taste/crush the leaves of one and as feverfew says you'll know if they are basil or not.

What else have you sown?

4 May, 2020


Thanks very much all, I need to ask my son to do the tasting as I have neither a sense of smell nor taste except for sweet things.
Can you imagine that ? I can’t taste garlic at all which was one of my favourite things.

4 May, 2020


That must be terrible Hank. I knew a lady once who bumped her head after falling off her bike & ever after she could only taste & smell tomato soup! Must be awful not to be able to taste your food. I believe taste & smell are closely linked.

9 May, 2020


It certainly is F, And the specialist at the hospital said there’s no chance at all of these senses returning. Good job it didn’t happen when I was much younger.

10 May, 2020

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