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Trying not to use too much compost: would it be OK to fill the bottom half of a big pot with old, black plastic plant pots? I'm only going to plant ivy-leaf geraniums, therefore just using the 'upper' layer of compost as it were. Thanks!



I set up a raised bed this year, one that takes around 1000 liters to fill. So on the bottom half I mixed dirt and uncomposted leaf mulch. Then filled the upper half with good soil. It is doing really well, and in the fall I can then bring the bottom half up to mix with the top half.

5 May, 2020


I have done that in the past Sheila. They were placed upside down, largest first, and definitely reduced the amount of compost needed to fill the pot. I once used polystyrene chunks - never again though as Woodlice decided to live within them!

5 May, 2020


Thank you both . . . I shall go ahead with the plan :)

5 May, 2020


I would also place a piece of plastic window screen, or counted cross stitch screen over the pots before putting in the compost. The window screen has the advantage of keeping critters out of the compost.

5 May, 2020


Yes - thanks Tug. My OH has suggested exactly that, and we have found a piece of plastic to use.

5 May, 2020

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