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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I have just cleared a piece of garden where a very large conifer came down in the gales, I have cleaned and rotovated it and going to plant a few shrubs which will extend the little shrubbery adjoining. I have ordered a yellow tree lupin. I have never had or seen one of these, after reading all about it I am getting quite excited , Has any of you grown these?if so any comments likes or dislikes I would love to hear and tips. It will be facing west, quite a windy spot but plenty of sunshine.



They seem to stand up to wind quite well so you should be fine. Be prepared though - the flowers are much smaller than "proper" lupins!

7 May, 2020


I had one for about 10 yrs then I lost it in the bad winters of 2011/12. They are happy in poor soil and need only light pruning. Mine was in semi shade in the afternoon and in full sun during the day. they are a nice light shrub.

7 May, 2020


That's a very nice looking shrub. Enjoy!

8 May, 2020


Thanks all, I was a bit confusd as some of the pictures showd it growing in sand and said it was suitable for sea winds etc. good,I won't bother to give it manure etc when I plant it then. I'll appreciate the flowers whatever size as long as the plant is controlable !.

8 May, 2020


Can confirm it is happy by the sea - should be fine where you are.

8 May, 2020

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