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I’ve noticed recently that many plant names have been changed again. Why do they do this? It’s so annoying.



They are looking at the DNA profiles of many plants and finding that they are not what they were originally thought to be. So they have to be given a new name. In a way it is like someone finding out that they are not a Smith, but a jones.

9 May, 2020


Yes it is to do with the evolutionary development of the plant families. They can identify the genetic sequence and put plants into the correct botanical groups and determine the development of the group the plant belongs too.

If you like the evolutionary history DNA is sequencing is fascinating. well I think so but I do wish new names were not so difficult to spell/say.

9 May, 2020


I think many gardeners will stick with the old names. Some people haven't changed from geranium to pelargonium yet, and that changed well over 200 years ago!

9 May, 2020


I still call most plants by their old names, although it is more correct to call them by their new ones.
But I am old and can remember 50 years ago better than I can remember this morning :D
Having said that I do call Pelargoniums Pelargoniums ... :)

10 May, 2020


I’m like you, Howell, old so I can remember much of the past but not even what day it is. So I shall probably continue to use old plant names - unless they are unpronounceable!

10 May, 2020


I still call Pelargoniums, Geraniums, even tho' I know it's not strictly correct. Old habits die hard.

10 May, 2020

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