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Hello. I'm new to this site and not very technically proficient.
When I sent in a question there didn't seem to be a way to check which way up the photos were or indeed that the correct photo had been chosen before they were submitted.(hence they went in sideways!) There didn't seem to be a way to look at the pics at all before it went in.
Any help appreciated.

Thank you.



It seems to be a problem with the source of the photos. Ones on laptops etc always come out sideways from what other people say.

10 May, 2020


I find this confusing sometimes, it doesn't seem to tell you that your question has gone through, which is why we sometimes get the same question asked twice. As for photos being sideways, lots of people have laptops and just turn them to get the right way, others like me get a stiff neck looking sideways. I wouldn't worry about it and definitely not enough to put you off the site.
Some more techy person might help, but if you are like me, the answer will be beyond my capabilities anyway!

10 May, 2020


Thank you both.
Is there a way I can look at the photos before I send them - just to make sure I've posted the ones I wanted to and not just some random picture of the cat(!)? You will gather that I am less than confident....

10 May, 2020


Where do you store your photos? Mine are in a folder called Pictures on our PC. When I highlight a picture to post on here, it is previewed at the side of the folder.

10 May, 2020


I take my pics on a camera, import into my IPad. If I took the pic in portrait format then on Gou they are sideways on when viewed by other folk using a different device. Took a year before someone told me. It's a device incompatibility problem.

10 May, 2020


Thanks. Useful to know.

10 May, 2020


Welcome to Goy, and don’t worry too much . . . there are plenty of us who are not very tech-minded, but quite good at gardening! We are quite relaxed about the position of photos - a fair bit of hit and miss is normal 🙂.

11 May, 2020



12 May, 2020

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