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Monkey tree problem?
My treasured monkey tree is suddenly sick and all the leaves/branches are turning brown, WHY?. I had to prune it back,, , 2yrs ago . Can anybody tell me how to give it a "kiss of life"

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Lack of water is the usual reason for these trees to turn brown.

13 May, 2020


That looks like that kind of damage. It can also happen with root damage, or some kinds of chemical damage. Has some kind of weed killer been applied to the lawn within the last year? Has there been any digging near the trunk in the last year? Has the grade been changed within the drip line within the last 5 years?
If not, it might just be drought. If you water, remember to water deeply.

13 May, 2020


Already been out and hosed it deep,deep so water is now not the problem. Thanks Owdboggy, and the tree has not been touched moved or disturbed for 15yrs since it was just 3ft tall.Great answers Tugbrethel ,I just hope I can pull it back with plenty of water.
Thank you both ,I will let you know.

13 May, 2020


A dose of seaweed extract or Superthrive will probably help it to recover faster.

13 May, 2020


Given it a good dose of tomorite , will keep you all in touch, thanks again.

21 May, 2020

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