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Can someone please tell me what fertilizer do you put around cherry trees please?



To answer the question properly, we need more data. What kind of soil is the tree growing in, especially the pH level? What is its previous fertilizing history? Is it showing any signs of deficiencies, such as yellow or brown on the leaves, or poor growth? There are shotgun treatments that you can use, frequently labelled something like "Fruit Tree Food", but they may not give you the results that you want.

15 May, 2020


Is it a fruiting cherry or an ornamental one?

16 May, 2020


Is it in the open ground or a pot?

In open ground I just leave them alone and let the roots do the job

16 May, 2020


Hi there, thanks very much for your comments to my question, i do appreciate you all taking the time to write! First of all i do not know the ph level of the soil, i do know there is a test kit somewhere but my husband passed away 6.5 months ago and everything is so mixed up and out of place here. I am only just getting back into caring for the property again now. The cherry tree was originally in a pot for about 2 years, was stunted, then was planted out into open ground about 8 years ago, has never been fertilized before, the whole area got quite overgrown as my husband went up and down over 7 years with cancers. The tree had a lot of flowers on it recently when i went walking to investigate the area, it looks to be in ok condition, no yellow or brown on the leaves and it looks to have settled finally and got it roots down into the loamy soil that is fill with natural slate throughout. To answer Bamboo it is a fruiting cherry tree.

16 May, 2020


If it looks healthy it probably doesn't need fertilising. However if you want to feed it Growmore is a good general fertilizer and potash encourages flowers and fruit.

16 May, 2020


Agree with Steragram....

17 May, 2020

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