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By Twiggy

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, my daughter lives in Middlesex and when they moved to their current house they inherited a large terracotta pot approx. 4' to 5' high (sorry to be vague - can't go and measure due to covid situation!) - they're not gardeners but I am and it's irritating me that the pot still hasn't been utilized! Any suggestions for a suitable plant/tree to put in? It needs to be fuss-free as we live to far away to tend to it!



Is this a straight sided pot? If it is a bulbous shape (mouth is less than the circumference of the overall height) then the advice will be very different. They do not know how lucky they are in getting a pot that size.

17 May, 2020


It's straight-sided - I covet that pot every time we visit them - if only we could get it into our car!! You can tell that a previous owner was an experienced and passionate
gardener - lots of unusual plants etc., Sadly, one of the visitors when my daughter moved in decided to help 'tidy' the garden and employed a 'if I don't know what it is I'm ripping it out'!

17 May, 2020


I would covet it too Twiggy. I should have asked how wide is it?

17 May, 2020


I've just messaged my daughter and when she's got time (she's currently working from home and wrangling 2 children aged 3 and 5!) she'll get out there with a tape measure. Watch this space!

17 May, 2020


This is when I am glad to be a granny Ha! Ha!

17 May, 2020

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