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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi these two plants popped up in an old planter,ime not sure what they are ,any ideas thanks all.




They look like Hazels, thanks to Squirrel Nutkin & his mates

I once spent a few years nurturing one in the mistaken belief it was a Kiwi I'd planted. SN had oiked my Kiwi out & stuck a hazel nut in there "for later"

17 May, 2020


Yes I also think they are Hazel trees.

lol Grandad g :D

17 May, 2020


Thanks grandad g , SN... lol and hywel i wasnt sure tbh ,i like the leaves and i believe catkins show when there mature and hazel nuts.I think i will pot them and see what happens.Thanks both for your advice.
Keep safe .

18 May, 2020


They are definitely Hazel and not necessarily hidden by the squirrels. We have mice which hide so many of them in flowerpots that it seems that every empty pot has a Hazel growing in it. Beautiful, useful native shrub or tree. It can become very large, but is easily pollarded.

18 May, 2020


Thanks Honeysuckle.

19 May, 2020


Actually if you have space [ I don't] having them growing would be handy for ready supply of twigs / sticks for peas & beans

My daughter has some in her garden, but never gets to eat any nuts because the squirrels are there first

19 May, 2020

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