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Should I grow Romneya tree poppy? I have a largish garden so don't have to put it near the house but I think they like it sheltered. I'm tempted as it's so beautiful it is fairly exposed being agricultural but unsure exactly where to site it or if I should. I have asked this question in the past and decided not to grow it and the plant has just died in a pot.



its your garden YA so if you want one grow it. It is well known for suckering though and the RHS recommend a sheltered warm spot against a wall. link below.

As you say they are beautiful plants.

19 May, 2020


I think the problem is they suggest you grow it against a wall so people grow it against a house wall when the plant get cold it searches for warmer place which is under the house or even better inside the house through the brick cavity. I may try it around my shed.

19 May, 2020


A friend of mine planted it beside the house wall and found it coming up in his living room a few years later!

19 May, 2020


Oh dear. Like YA I liked it so much I bought one but kept it in the pot once I did some research on it. It died so not for me. Mind you I am hopeless with house plants so maybe this is one I might succeed with lol.

20 May, 2020


They are complex to own if you leave it in a pot until you can decide where to plant it they seem to die. I too had one before and left it in a pot and it died I was kind of glad at the time. But here we go again if you have desire you cannot help yourself . I'm at a new place which has more opportunities and won't upset neibours if it spreads.

20 May, 2020

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