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Carnations from florist: I've rooted half a dozen nice cuttings - will these be hardy enough to plant out or will they be greenhouse ones please? I did this once before,years ago but can't remember the outcome...



as long as you harden then off they will be fine in the garden and then they should be fine. I have done this many times and there is one that is still going strong 3 yrs on.

19 May, 2020


I've got a few myself and they're out all year round. I don't know if it depends where you live, weatherwise.

19 May, 2020


Thank you both - just what I was hoping to hear! Our winters are generally mild and wet but with some very strong winds. Little carnations and pinks do OK. Hope they survive as they are brilliant scarlet and from a bunch OH brought me to my great surprise (and gratification!)

19 May, 2020

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