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At long last I have managed to successfully grow a huge Hosta by putting it in a pot with copper around the edge so snail and slug damage is minimal, however, would it be better to cut off the flowers which are appearing to encourage more leaves?



We have a number of Hostas from dwarf ones to big leafed jobs. Never bothered removing the flowers of any of them. I like the flowers to be honest and the seeds gives me a few more plants to put out even though they are nothing much to look at compared to the parents.

22 May, 2020


I never cut the flowers off and it doesn't seem to make a difference. They still grow more leaves all throughout the summer. The flowers are good for the bees, but I cut the stems before the seed pods form.

22 May, 2020


Ive always left the flowers before, but thought I'd find out if it made a difference. Many thanks both of you.

22 May, 2020


I leave the flowers too as I think they are very pretty and lets face it when you have shade any flowers in late May early June are very welcome.

22 May, 2020

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