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I Need to get a new compost bin. My question is should the bin be covered or left open? I inherited a double wooden compost bin which has fallen apart with rot and the left one failed and I discovered why. It was built on a concrete base. I would like a single compost bin, not sure whether wood or amu other material which will allow me to get the ready to use compost out of the bottom. Any thoughts or current compost bins in use would be appreciated.



I have several of the black 4 sided plastic bins which have 'trap' doors at the bottom that allow you to remove the compost as it matures. I've had them 15+ yrs and they are still going strong. they sit directly on the soil and do have lids that are left on most of the time. but if the contents get a bit dry I just turn the hose on to them.

22 May, 2020


Me too. Got a round plastic bin from the local council about 20 years ago. It has a door at the base where you can put a spade in and remove the most mature compost at the bottom. I also have a smaller green squarish one that my neighbour gave me 25 years ago. The lid is split but I use a compost bag underneath it if I want to keep the rain off. This doesn't have a door at the bottom but has holes around the sides which let air in. Of the two, i prefer the latter; it seems to break down more quickly.

22 May, 2020


Yes I don’t think wood will last very long. Thank you both for your replies, will start shopping around.

22 May, 2020

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