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By Anget

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

I know nothing about ferns.
Are there any that would survive under a mature birch? It's very shallow soil.



Have a look here

24 May, 2020


At least 2 of our native species should, the Royal fern Osmunda regalis & the Man Fern, Dryopterix felix-mas.
Most ferns seem to be tolerant of dry conditions & like shade,+ a bit of dappled sun light. These two grow nice & bushy.

24 May, 2020


If you are contacting Owdboggy's suggestion it's an idea to explain to them what situation you want the ferns for - they are incredibly helpful. Just a note - the Polypodium grows in abundance wild here on dry banks but more often in full sun than shade.(That doesn't mean it isn't good for shade
as well though...) The Hartshorn grows very happily under trees but it does best in woodsy soil so incorporate some leafy humus if you can get some.I failed utterly when I tried it in dry sandy soil in shade. I'd also suggest mixing a few gel crystals in the planting holes for all of them -they can make a terrific difference and the effect can last for years.
Polysticum setiferum is a good one too.

24 May, 2020


Thank you, all for such a lot of useful advice.

24 May, 2020


Hi---I live in North Carolina---(Zone 8A) I have about 6-7 types of ferns...I've read they CAN NOT be over watered....I find that to be true...I never fertilize them...and they like shade...
.I grow one, a Cinnamon fern in the ground in the early morning sun, side of my home, where the rain runs off the roof...But most of them I grow in large pots, with saucers under them.

27 May, 2020

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