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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hello, on one of my visits today, a patient asked what this fruit was on one of their many trees? They have several pear, apple and cherry trees. They have just only recently started growing fruit trees and vegetables. They inherited many of their trees and shrubs but have started purchasing more due to increased enjoyment and interest. Answer most welcome. Thank you!

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wonder if its a damson/ plum/ greengage. I cant see the remains of the flower at the bottom so that will rule out apple/pear.
Hope you are staying safe while you have to work Katie.

25 May, 2020


Hi Eileen, thank you! I thought greengage, but I wouldn’t have the foggiest! Thank you again, I’ll let them know it maybe damson/plum or greengage. Much appreciated.
Yes, I’m in all the PPE when I’m out and about. Just keeping safe and aware at all times. Hope you’re well and keeping safe too! Xx

25 May, 2020


Yes we are all ok at this end. I had a cough for 12 weeks and I finally got a diagnosis last week. Fungal infection of the sinuses. Fungal spores from emptying the compost bins back in Feb. I thought it was from the wadding I was using for quilting. But all better now.

remember to stay a lert :o) what ever a lert is!

25 May, 2020


I'll stay alert when I get a round tuit (remember those?)

25 May, 2020


Lol Andrew I still have one!

26 May, 2020


Gosh Eileen, that must have been quite a worrying and trying time for you!!! Breathing must have been dreadful as well as the headaches and the pain! Hopefully you’ve had the right treatment for this infection? Are you doing ok? I realise you’re feeling better..but I guess it takes some time.
Yes, stay alert!!! Such a bizarre phrase isn’t it! All sorts of connotations there! I’m keeping safe, all the PPE we need thankfully.
Take care, hope you’re getting back to feeling like yourself and enjoying the garden! :-)

27 May, 2020


I feel really well and apart from the 'snotty' cough I didn't have any other symptoms/problems, breathing normal etc. No sinusitis pain or headaches.
I did isolate myself as if you were outside and coughed you got filthy looks. Due to the good weather I just gardened. :o)

Glad you have plenty of PPE.

27 May, 2020

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