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do I need to cut away any leaves on a young pepper plant



Welcome to GoY, Seamasmor!
I wouldn't cut any leaves off, unless the root ball got badly damaged in transplanting. With most veggies, the less fooling around the plants endure in their youth, the better the crop is at maturity. The main exceptions are tomatoes and some cole crops, which benefit from having a few of the lower leaves removed, and being planted a few inches deeper than their original seedling state. That is because--unlike most other veggies--they are able to produce new roots from the lower stem.

26 May, 2020


The idea of topping off your pepper plants will cause them to side shoot and branch out in all directions. In theory this will give you a greater yield, however doing so will also set them back about 3 weeks. They are slow to 'come around'. For us in the Northeast, our growing season is short and every day matters. Could this be what you are referring to Seamasmor?

26 May, 2020


I don't remove any leaves from mine even when the fruit is ripening later in the summer. Where about in the UK are you and how big is your plant? Mine are only about 8" tall at the moment as the first set of seed failed to germinate so I am a few weeks behind where I usually am. But I know they will catch up.
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26 May, 2020


When the temperatures begin to drop, you can pot up your pepper plants and bring them inside to winter over. They make nice houseplants over the winter and will stay green and lush with a little care. Next Spring, plant them back outside and your mature plants will resume production - no fussing with the seeds.

26 May, 2020

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