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I also have this on blueberry leaves which are close to French beans

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It does look like heat/sun scorch damage to me rather than disease.
see what others think.

27 May, 2020


I agree with Seaburngirl - scorch from the sun.

27 May, 2020


It's plant rust. It's a fungal disease caused by excessive moisture. It should be dealt with and could potentially kill the entire bush.

27 May, 2020


Thank you all for your advice. I added another photo which as you can see is a young bush. It doesn’t seem to be bearing signs of fruit whereas one next to it is.

27 May, 2020


Have you sprayed the beans with anything, or added lime to the beans' bed?

27 May, 2020


We haven’t sprayed the beans or added lime to the beans bed. Should we have done that?

27 May, 2020


Thank you for your help and advice

27 May, 2020


Some insecticides or fungicides, if applied wrongly, can burn leaves in that manner. Parts of the UK have soil acid enough to discourage plant growth. Blueberries love acid soil...beans, not so much, so if you had limed the beans, that could have damaged the blueberries. Excess or unevenly applied lime can also damage the beans. You may or may not want to lime the beans: more info is needed, including the pH of your soil. If you do think that liming the beans would be useful, wait until next year's crop, and plant the beans at least 2 meters away from the blueberries.

27 May, 2020


Ok thank you that was helpful

28 May, 2020

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