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I have a mock orange shrub in a container, which is now quite old, however, it never seems to let me down and produces sweet smelling blossom every May. This year, I have noticed that some of the buds are disappearing and on closer inspection, some of the tiny leaves also. Can someone please tell me what can be eating these buds, and would it help if I sprayed it with an insecticide, or would a vine weevil systemic insecticide be something I should think about.? Could birds be taking the buds, they have never ever done that before?

I also have a honeysuckle in a container, of which the buds are also destroyed every single year, and I never have the pleasure of their perfume, but I believe it is a moth that is responsible for this.

Thank you for guidance.



are you giving all the tubs plenty of water? if not the buds will shrivel as will some of the newer leaves. There are several moths that use honeysuckle as its food plant.
but again if its in a tub it will be lack of water that will be the main problem.

28 May, 2020


Thank you for your comments

Absolutely, this old shrub has been in a container for the past 30years, and I am diligent in never letting it dry out since I am aware how important it is for containers. Indeed I am not lucky enough to have a garden and all my plants/shrubs live in tubs
The buds have been bitten off, as have some of the young leaves, and there is evidence of nibbling on some of the mature ones.
I am amazed since this is the first time I have ever had this kind of problem .

Regarding the honeysuckle, the foliage is healthy but when the buds form it isn't long before they appear to be *plucked out* of their sockets, so to speak. I have learned not to be disappointed with this shrub, because it happens every year.

29 May, 2020

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