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Saw this beautiful view this morning where i live and wonder what the plants were and found out they were Physostegia lions heart obedient plant. And wondered why someone would grow a crop of these?. Only reason i can think is they attract bees.




They are manuring crop like clover.

28 May, 2020


looks like phacelia which is a green manure crop. also they have to grow the crop if they want to harvest the seeds to sell.

28 May, 2020


Ok thanks

28 May, 2020


Just re read your question, who told you it was Physostegia? I cant think of a reason to grow it other than for seed for the flower industry or as a cut flower. I grow the pale pink form in the garden and it doesn't start flowering until July for me.
any chance of a close up of the flowers/leaves? I am curious now.

29 May, 2020


I thought i knew it when i first saw it although i only knew the blue ones so i typed it it in and up it came.When i next go that way i will take a close up and enter a new question.

29 May, 2020

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