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By Littlet

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Good afternoon, I wonder whether anyone can help me identify a plant/tree that's growing in my garden. I didn't plant it and it's about 4ft tall. It doesn't have any buds or flowers on it and the branches are smooth and I can't seem to identify it at all. The 2nd photo is of the lower part of the plant where the bark is different to the top part which is smoother. Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Regards.

Photo_1 20200529_163026_resized 20200529_160935_resized



Could it be Elderberry?

29 May, 2020


Its Ash and left it will grow into a substantial tree. I have lots of these thanks to the ash boundary tree.
I pull mine out as soon as I spot them.

29 May, 2020


Yes it's an Ash tree. I get lots too, from seeds from the hedgerows. If you leave it too long it will be difficult to pull out.

29 May, 2020


I get lots of these in pots left by birds I assume. I pull them out as soon as I spot them.

30 May, 2020


Many thanks for all of your comments. I think I will be asking the other half to pull it out asap.

2 Jun, 2020


ash seeds are winged and they are dispersed by the wind like sycamore. we cant blame the birds for this one :o)

2 Jun, 2020

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