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Alstomerias need some advice i bought a "spitfire" in a large plastic pot it was magnificent a couple of years ago and it sulked ever since. I had a clay garden at the time so it went into a 12" terracotta pot the next year when it appeared it came up only on one side on pot and has been that way ever since although it did share the pot with another plant it droops all the time being floppy what am i doing wrong?. I now have a more free draining garden should i just plant it out ? I have smaller stature alstomerias and they have been in pots for 10 years and give no problems. And i admit it has spent time being shaded maybe that's the problem do these plants thrive on rich or poor soil?




the list to the side is probably due to it being in part shade. Plant it in the ground would be my advice unless some one says otherwise. I don't grow them any more.

30 May, 2020


I think they are grown for effect like chrysanthemums... when i bought from the nursery grower it was dramatic and it lost all that within a year.

30 May, 2020

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