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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi one of my plum trees has no plums on at all this year, usually i get one very good year followed by the next which is not so good,however not one on ,which is strange as there was blossom earlier in the year.i just noticed some of the leaves are looking a bit strange wonder if it has anything to do with it ,see photo.your thoughts thanks.




the leaf issue isn't linked to the fruit. Did you have a frost during the blossom time? that is often a cause of fruit fail.

the leaf looks like it has galls on it. are they lumpy raised areas? Plum leaf gall mite link to the RHS advice page.

30 May, 2020


Hi sbg yes we did have 2 late frosts here,usually as the tree is a bit protected between a shed and fence i usually get away with it but maybe this time ive been unlucky.i checked that link re the rhs site ,and had a read your right plum leaf gall mite ,it advises to leave alone if heavily infested so ime going to leave alone this year,maybe prune midsummer to give it a bit more space for next year.
Thanks for your help.

30 May, 2020

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