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Water lily leaf beetles
The leaves of both plants are extensively damaged and not a pretty sight. There are holes everywhere, round the edges and in the middle. If damage continues at this rate I can't see how the plants will survive and I believe there is nothing to do but wait and hope for the best. Has anyone got a better idea please?



This is the RHS link
as you say no chemical control. Can you see the culprits?
are you able to reach the plants and wipe the leaves etc?

2 Jun, 2020


Thank you Eileen. Yes I can see the culprits (they are very small and numerous) I might e able to reach a few leaves but not most of them. Can't think wiping those few will make much difference and I might overbalance but nothing venture nothing win...Thank you for the link - I'll have a look.

2 Jun, 2020


Looked st the RHS site - the pic matches chironomid midge damage but I can see very small beetles. In either case there doesn't seem to be a lot to be done about it. the damage is very unsightly. Wonder if it will affect flowering - no sign yet.

2 Jun, 2020

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