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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I hope this is a flower,, and that I’ve sent a better photo than last time. What is it and is it worth keeping, thanks.




looks like herb robert to me. weed.

2 Jun, 2020


Oh dammit. Thanks KB.

2 Jun, 2020


I don't think it is though. Herb Robert has pink flowers. Bruise a bit and see if it smells strong - herb r does.

2 Jun, 2020


I have no sense of smell but my son does, I’ll get him on it tomorrow. Thanks S.

2 Jun, 2020


It's one of the wild Geraniums, you can tell by the pointed seed heads, like a Cranes bill - hence the name of some of them Cranesbill. And by the shape of the geranium shaped leaf. Herb Robert has a more fern type leaf. This one is I think Shining Cranesbill (Geranium molle) as it has more shiny stems and turns red quite easily. Seeds everywhere!

2 Jun, 2020


Thanks H, so all I need to know now is is it worth keeping or should I get rid of it.

3 Jun, 2020


it is worth keeping if you like it. I also think it is shining cranesbill [ unless it has hairy stems] but my book names that as G lucidum a native wild flower and in a wild patch excellent, in a cultivated border a weed.

G molle has hairy stems and is Dove's foot cranesbill.

3 Jun, 2020


Thanks Seaburn, you are right about the Latin name. I knew what it was, just can't read the right section - look away, look back and read something else! We have this everywhere, which just proves that I have left it to do it's thing in the past. However the bright red is very cheery and we mustn't pull out every weed or they will be extinct, they don't get much opportunity in the wild with the amount of sprays to kill them off in the fields. The Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix) is on the red endangered list because of the killing off of the weeds which are the food plant for the insects that the Partridge eats! Sad world we live in.

3 Jun, 2020


Thanks again, i think my daughter would like it so that’s where it’s going.

4 Jun, 2020

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