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Who can tell me what this plant is? It's about 3 feet with sprays of small yellow flowers on wiry stems. Thanks

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There are three that look very similar but I think this is a hawkweed. If you break the stem and it has milky sap that's what it is. If it doesn't I would guess a hawksbeard.
I have in the past tried hard to learn the difference between these two...

2 Jun, 2020


it is called nipplewort [Lapsana communis] here in the UK where I am. Due to the shape of the buds the thought was a few leaves held to a sore breast made nursing a baby less painful. It was also thought to cure breast ulcers[probably advance cancer] I have quite a bit of it in my wilder areas. The leaves are very characteristic of it.

2 Jun, 2020


wow! So I got a nipplewort?!

3 Jun, 2020


you sure do. I have it too. the seeds dry in the sepals and then shake out when rocked. so no flying seeds like a dandelion. they grub out easily enough.

3 Jun, 2020



3 Jun, 2020

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