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Good afternoon people, Can anyone tell me what this 'grass' could be, it is about 12in tall, very sturdy and has '2 flower heads' appearing. I never planted it, so expect a bird has left it in my garden . Thank you for looking.




I get this from the 'corn' in the bird food I put out.
so it is Wheat what we grow to make flour for bread and cakes. it will pull out easily.

3 Jun, 2020


meant to say the flower heads are in fact the seeds forming. its also called an ear of wheat.

3 Jun, 2020


Thanks for that Seaburngirl, I did wonder if it was, but then thought how would it get in my garden lol. I shall keep it, its in a pot and see how much it grows, you never know, I might grind it down to make the much needed flour that is in short supply here. :) x

3 Jun, 2020


It's just as interesting as some ornamental grasses and the birds will thank you for it later.

6 Jun, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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