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What is wrong with our hydrangea? We have another one which has exactly the same sort of damage.
Is there anything I can do to help it?




I’ve got the same on mine, think it’s frost damage. I cut off the brown bits when it puts a lot of growth on.

5 Jun, 2020


I've got the same on some of mine. I assumed it was wind damage, but not sure.

5 Jun, 2020


Drought and sunburn.

5 Jun, 2020


That's what I think, Owdboggy.

5 Jun, 2020


Sunburn and maybe drought - we've had so much sun in the last month and temperatures have been very high for May.

5 Jun, 2020


We also had some frosts at the beginning of April which would damage young leaves

5 Jun, 2020


Thank you very much for your replies. I suppose it could have been frost/wind damage early on and has been compounded by the sun and lack of water. We have watered it very well since and will continue to do so.
You have been very helpful.

6 Jun, 2020

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