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Pricking out seedlings. These are phacelia lacy seedlings. The flowers are much loved by bees. They look very delicate but I would like to plant them out in the garden, when they look a little more robust! My question is when to plant them Out and how many leaves should each plant have before transplanting them outdoors? Thank you.

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i usually wait until there are 2-4 true leaves, the first leaves are seed leaves and will soon fade and drop off.

in the past when I grew this I sowed the seed directly in the ground. it is hardy and will self seed freely.

5 Jun, 2020


I would thin them out, then pot -say - half of them into individual 7cm pots. Only when they have made plenty of root will they be ready to go out in your borders.

7 Jun, 2020


Ok thanks for that. Will give it a try as the seedlings look very delicate.

7 Jun, 2020

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