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By Stu

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

We have a "Day Lilly" in our garden that we are unsure about. All our other Day Lilliy flowers last a day or so - as the name suggests. However this one, the flowers last for several days. Also the leaves are more slender that the others.
Does anyone recognise it, or better still can anyone name it?

On plant Hemerocallis





5 Jun, 2020


Sorry, meant hem. lilioasphodelus?

6 Jun, 2020


yes I'd agree, its one of the earliest to flower and is sweetly scented. Mine always flowers in May and yes the flowers seem to last a couple of days.

6 Jun, 2020


Thanks for your answers, and pleased to discover the actual name. It is indeed early to flower and is sweetly scented.

We were give a small clump many years ago by a friend Kath who sadly died six years ago. We simply call it "Kath's Day Lilly". We moved house 2 years ago and brought some with us and each time we look at it, it reminds us of Kath.

6 Jun, 2020


Its a beauty. Don't usually go for daylilies but that's a lovely one.

7 Jun, 2020

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