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Who can ID this very creepy bug? What is this? Is it anything to worry about? He's in my basement in the laundry room.

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It's one of the smaller species of centipede, Bathgate. Just roaming around, looking for other bugs to eat. Normally, good cleanliness keeps its prey species down, and you wind up with a lot fewer centipedes. It's worthwhile checking the walls and floor for cracks to the outside soil, though--they may be coming from there, or drains with dry traps.

8 Jun, 2020


It's a goody Bathgate! It feeds on spiders, bed-bugs, termites, cockroaches, silverfish, ants and others!
Have a look here:

Mind you it does look spooky!!

8 Jun, 2020


There are similar ones in France which the younger family members likened to 'mobile moustaches' and they move really quickly!

8 Jun, 2020


Thank you for the explanation. He must have ventured in through an open window which are about ground level. There isn't anything for him to eat around here, so I'll move him outdoors where he can feast til doomsday.

8 Jun, 2020

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