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This sprang up as soon as i removed my lawn turf can anyone I'd it please? And how easy is it to permanently remove? Thank you.

Img_20200608_073011445 Img_20200608_074835908



Looks a bit like bindweed.

8 Jun, 2020


I second Bindweed, probably has been kept in check in the lawn turf by mowing and now it is free spirit ready to roam

Quite easily kept in check by just oiking it out when you spot it, miss it & it'll be up & away

Quite pretty flowers though, in someone else's garden that is

8 Jun, 2020


I agree Grandad, very pretty little pink or pink and white striped trumpet flowers. I was admiring a whole path full in a neighbours garden the other day. Social distancing in full force.

8 Jun, 2020


It doesn't look like the white trumpet bindweeds i know but maybe a different variety it's very small and doesn't have soft paper like leaves i will investigate. But thanks

8 Jun, 2020


Those are the ones that like to climb up telegraph poles and over hedges. The other kind have small pale pink flowers and grow close to the ground in fields and byways.

8 Jun, 2020


Yes thank you i had never come across field bindweed before being in a urban environment. I'm now out in the the countryside seems it's just as difficult to get rid.

8 Jun, 2020

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