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Good afternoon all, could anyone tell me why this Hosta is so slow in coming up this year? all my other ones are almost flowering, thanks as always




colde.r/drier/shadier spot, burried deeper than the others. could also be down to the variety

8 Jun, 2020


The genome dictates, when to grow, when to flower, when to set seed & when it's sleepy time. It doesn't care what the neighbors are doing.

However, I think this plant needs to be reset into the ground. I don't think there's enough soil built up around the root ball and it's having difficulty accessing water and nutrients - that's another factor. Take it up again, amend the planting hole with Dr. Earth or some organic fertilizer and properly set it so that the entire root ball is planted with the top of the root ball level with the ground. Water it in real good and it should bounce back like nobody's business. Good Luck.

8 Jun, 2020

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